About Groundwork Construction Cleaning

Many homeowners think that all we have to do is remove the dust. What they don’t realize and will never know about, is all the hidden challenges under the dust. The dust is 20% of the work and then the job looks 80% done. Then we find the overpaint and overspray, the labels and tape residue, tape and poly which won’t come off in one piece, difficult to reach places, silicone seal from messy plumbers, resins and glues which don’t dissolve, scuffs and bumps, grout haze, and so on.

Our well-trained staff pays attention to details the competition would not consider and we ensure the job is done without doing damage.

Our 20-years of experience means we have found the solution to problems that less experienced competitors haven’t yet met.

Groundwork Cleaning has been turning New Construction into new homes for over 20 years. We do top-quality work and take pride in delivering outstanding service to our clients. This includes completing the job on the day you require even when your schedule is constantly changing, even when the sub-trades are still working that day, and the move-in is the next day.

We are proud to be able to say that 40% of our jobs are referrals from our very satisfied customers. Another 50% are long-term clients.

The other 10% are new clients like yourself, and we welcome your business.

Let our top-quality service in the high-end housing market turn your job site into a new home.

Don’t hesitate to call us for a quote today!